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About Us

We are Hi-End Audio, Video, Home Theater, Automation and Networking Expert.  We provide following facilities for a Modern Day Home :

  • Customized Home Theater Setups
  • Complete Home Automation
    • Lighting Control
    • Security
    • Audio Video Control
    • Comfort and Blinds Control

From entry level to Jaw Dropping Installs – WE DO ALL !!

We have necessary certifications in our field and are exclusive distributors and partners of hi end international brands. Audio Nirvana is one of the authorized BOSE dealers in India. We are also known for our excellent After Sales Support and in-house service center. We provide customize solutions according to client’s requirement which makes us the Best Customized Home Theater and Home automation Dealer and Integrator in Delhi, India.

Amidst the numerous AV resellers in the market today – what makes us tick is “WE LOVE WHAT WE DO”. We love design, movies, music and nature.

Challenging integration jobs particularly excite us.


Our Mission

To provide our customers with valued AV and Automation solutions using our expertise in design and integration.

Our Vision

Be Fast

The Quickest response time in the industry

Be National

Diversified national level customer and vendor base

Be updated

Continuously upgrading knowledge of oneself vis-à-vis to latest technological advancements.

Our Values

  • Conduct Business with integrity & fairness
  • Focus on our customer’s needs
  • Continuously train our employees & improve our processes
  • Provide quality product & services
  • Reward employees on merit & promote teamwork
  • Maintain safe & healthy working environments

Our Team

Ashish Kesarwani


Being from a family of Jewellers since generations Ashish took an important decision to follow his heart and passion and get into the Audio Video industry with an outlook to provide same level of Support and comfort as one would seek for himself from speciality goods. Always yearning to learn more with HAA,THX, ISF and many other International certifications under his belt - there will always be a craving to learn more. The Quest to provide ultimate Satisfaction for the money spent by the client in designing and Integrating a solution is the Mantra behind all the learning. He loves challenging jobs and perfect Installs. Also loves travelling and seeing the world.

Being from a family of Jewellers since generations Ashish took an important decisi Read more..

Shitij Khattar


I built my first Home Theatre in 1995 with the 'emergency' money my parents left me while they went abroad. Met Ashish on an online forum and founded Audio Nirvana. And as they say…rest is History!

I built my first Home Theatre in 1995 with the 'emergency' money my pare Read more..



Customized Home Theatre

From entry level to Jaw dropping installs - we do all. Just what the director intended you to hear and see - we know how it is suppose to be done!

Home Automation - Digital Living

You come home and with the press of a button, your home responds to your mood > Lights, Air con, AV devices, curtains and security - One button only!

Commercial Install

Bar, Clubs, Auditoriums - good sound is essential for their success. We are happy that we play an integral role in the same.

Multiroom Audio & Video

We have an array of options if you wish to control how music flows throughout your home. Walk in for a demo!

Room Acoustics

Bad rooms (Poor room response) can make a great system sound like a basic system. And the opposite is true for good rooms. With our team of acousticians - let us treat your surroundings.

Repair & AMC

Old is gold! From cranky Tape decks to squeaky Turn tables - We can help bring your old gear to life. Drop in your damaged gear to get a quote.

Our Demo Studio

Used Gear

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Audio Nirvana

A-70, Lajpat Nagar 2,
New Delhi - 110024
Near Bikanerwala Sweets

Tel: +91-11-46838373 / +91-9910041260
+91-95603 22000

E-Mail: ashish@audionirvana.in